classic guitar eli


Produced following accurately the size and the classic shape of the best guitars crafted by the liutemakers in Cremona.
Inlays made in different woods have been added at the 12th fret and two leaves are carved in the hole fret board.
The pinewood used for the body and mahogany for the back, give a warm sound, deep and full of armonics.
t’s a light instrument, easy to use and when  amplified  the sound features are truly amazing.
The shellac intensifies the outward appearence and let the top naturally vibrate to get an unique tone.


Technical data:

Diapason:   660, 664, 665 mm Neck: Mahogany, cypresswood, cherrywood, maple, birch
Nut . 52 mm  Fret board: Ebony, indian rosewood
Body: 100mm Bridge: Mahogany, indian rosewood, ebony
Top: Pinewood, cedar Inlays: Mother of pearl,abalone , vintage woods
Side and back: Mahogany, indian rosewood, maple, cypress, cherrywood, walnutwood Amplification: On demand